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By Innovation SA on December 17, 2023 in Office Space

Are you looking for a business space for rent in Riyadh? This is the right place for you! Riyadh, located in Saudi Arabia, is increasingly booming in the commercial arena, and hence the people are passionately finding managed or customized offices to successfully operate their businesses with a large team of employees. If you are also one of them, then you are welcome to this blog. 

This blog is all about how to find the perfect customized space with the right approach. You will soon find an affordable business space for rent that meets your expectations. So, keep reading this blog to make a wise decision.

The Place

Do you know?

As per a trusted source, 97% of employees judge their office space based on the environment and infrastructure.

Consider these 9 Tips When Choosing the Right Business Space to Rent.

How much space do I want?

Before taking offices for rent in Riyadh, it is necessary to ensure the number of employees you have. The requirement for space depends on how many employees you have. Suppose you have 100+ employees; then you will need multiple desks and other essential items. Large businesses require an entire floor, whereas small businesses can work efficiently with a co-working space or a comfortable studio.

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before renting a space:

  • The number of employees in your office
  • Does your business need workers to work at the table every day?
  • Can I offer a remote work or hybrid option?
  • Do you need a meeting room?
  • How much space does each of your employees need? (70 sq. ft. of space per employee is enough.)

Amenities you want

Consider the necessary things that are essential to your business. What are those things that will take your business environment to the next level, and what kind of things do you believe the office must have? Along with this, consider your clients’ needs. Do you invite your clients to the office and serve them with a snack bar, provide a waiting area, and so on?

Here are some amenities you should look out for:

  • Well-furnished offices
  • High-speed internet connectivity
  • Scanning, copying, and printing solutions
  • Private cabins for the manager, CEO, HR, and conference rooms
  • Canteen
  • 24/7 availability
  • Property management team
  • Mail service

We are proud to present that Innovation SA provides serviced office spaces in Saudi Arabia with all such facilities. Our team is always here to answer your queries!

Introduce yourself to the variety of offices in your area.

There are a variety of offices available to business owners, and each has its own advantages. You must understand what your area serves, and on the basis of that, you can decide what is right for your business.

Private office: Private offices are perfect for a team of 12–15 employees. This option may work well for freelance teams, small startups, and businesses in a new location.

Office suites: This is a go-to choice for businesses that need large teams. Office suites provide a spacious place for meet-ups and can be customized to meet your specific needs. Well, there are some suits that give private access to business owners, their staff, and full kitchens too.

Virtual office: If you want to operate your work from home or have a team that works from home, you will need a little space to conduct meetings and attend business calls or emails.

Dedicated desk: It is perfect for a business of one. This is for small business owners who own a website and need a place to network with other freelancers and entrepreneurs. Small business owners can rent a single studio and customize a dedicated desk for themselves, typically found in co-working spaces.

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Inspection of the area

Once you have made the decision about the office space you are looking for, it is time to explore other things. Have a look at other local businesses, areas to have lunch or something to drink or do, the parking lot, and a relaxing outdoor area for mid-day breaks. Also check if the location has access to different modes of transportation, so you can accommodate your employees.

Consider lease options.

Focus on the lease duration, what if you want to terminate the lease, what if you want to renew the lease terms, and what actions your landlord can take against you. Always read the terms and conditions of your rental agreement and make sure you agree with those things. Ensure that you are only paying for the space; the rent payment includes maintenance, property taxes, and insurance. Are there any common areas you have access to?

Close the deal within your budget.

Taking offices for rent in Riyadh is not easy, it seems. It is one of the most valuable investments you make in your life, and it directly impacts your business, including its profits and losses. You should not invest too much money in renting until you can’t afford it. Hire a professional accountant to check your finances and know what your business can afford.

Leases with flexible terms should be necessary.

Avoid paying for unnecessary expenses if your plans change. Meanwhile, you should look for ways to get a lower rent. Are there any discounts if you sign a 3-year lease instead of a 12-month one?

Health and safety are the most important.

Indeed! Health and safety are the two top things that are important today. Does your office building have a surveillance system and a security guard? Are there bathroom fixtures, automatic doors, and locks that reduce touchpoints? What are the safety measures in the case of an emergency like an earthquake, fire, etc.? 

Additionally, inquire about the most recent inspection of the office building. These are some crucial things that you should look for. They will not only keep your mind calm but will also keep your business out of any legal issues.

Customize your space.

As we already mentioned at the beginning of this blog, employees notice your office environment, and based on this, they judge your entire space or work. When you own Serviced offices in Saudi Arabia it is must to ensure that your employees love their workspace. Meet with your management company and building owner and see what your personalization options are. 

  • Can you move desks around? 
  • Are dogs permitted? 
  • Can office walls take on new colors? 

These are little but important things that can bring happiness to your employee’s face. They will enjoy working, and you will luckily see your business in profit.

 Wrapping Up

In this informative piece of content, we have considered aspects that will give access to a safe and furnished office space for rent. By following all these approaches, you will make the decision to land in the required area. Consider taking the help of Innovation SA to easily get a customized and budget-friendly space in Saudi Arabia. Get in touch with us now!