Agile Integrated Business Support
in Saudi Arabia

Innovation-sa offers extensive business setup support services in Saudi Arabia to SMEs, multinational companies, or foreign entrants looking to setting up companies in Saudi Arabia. With 20+ years of industry experience and profound knowledge, our tailor-made approach toward clients allows us to provide foreign business support services and integrated business solutions in Saudi Arabia that significantly improve performance without compromising quality and efficiency.

At Innovation-sa, we don't just support setting up companies in Saudi Arabia but also offer services including bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services, PRO services, facility operations and maintenance, serviced offices & business centres, chauffeur services, immigration services, recruitment services, and comprehensive personnel management in Saudi Arabia amongst many others. Apart from these outstanding services provided by our highly trained team, we offer services to varied business industries, including banking and finance, IT, defense, oil and gas, and many more.

All our in-house professionals have comprehensive knowledge of government legislation and general regulatory practices of Saudi Arabia. We ensure every process is in accordance with these's regulations and closely monitor them. We take it as a priority to be in line with the schemes of the government, such as Saudization, where employing local talent is mandatory.

Agile Integrated Business Support in Saudi Arabia

Experts in Integrated Business Solutions in Saudi Arabia

Experts in Integrated Business Solutions
in Saudi Arabia

We offer the greatest and most dependable business support services in Saudi Arabia, which has extended our market and service offerings. Innovation-sa assists you in influencing key decision-makers at both the local and bigger state-based levels by utilizing the skills of a potent policy and advocacy team recognised in Saudi Arabia as the best in the industry.

  • Shared Office Spaces for Rent
  • Setup Advisory and Consultancy
  • Pro Service
  • Immigration Services
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Services
  • Employer Of Record
  • Legal Translation
  • Serviced Offices & Business Centers
  • Saudi Culture Consultation & Training
  • Chauffeur Services
  • Talent Management
  • IT Advisory
  • Human Resources

Foreign Business Support Services in Saudi Arabia: Company Support Services

Using our business process outsourcing, concentrate on your key competencies.

Each client may concentrate on growing their main business with the help of Innovation-sa while we handle the onerous daily operational tasks. We improve operating performance, reduce expenses, and boost productivity and efficiency by streamlining corporate procedures.

Serviced offices and business centers, staffing, certified translation, sponsorship, human resources, staffing from Saudi Arabia, facility management, accelerating on-call tasks, PRO services, transportation services, bookkeeping, general accounting services, airport assistance, and other logistics are just a few of the many services we offer to achieve this.

The best business process outsourcing (BPO) is demonstrated here. We're the finest in the Saudi Arabian marketplaces regarding the managerial notion of outsourcing certain business processes' operations and duties to a third-party service provider. Our clients can concentrate on creating new and better goods, boosting sales and market share, improving customer service, and entering new markets while we take care of the minutiae.

  • Focus on core
  • Improve Quality
  • Reduce cost
  • Conserve capital
  • Faster Innovation
  • Increase speed to market

Support in Setting Up Companies in Saudi Arabia: What We Offer

An extensive number of companies provide the same business support service in Saudi Arabia and Dubai. These services are offered to start-ups, SMEs, and other companies in the industry. We have a team of professionals and experts with collective experience and skills in dealing with all-inclusive services.

Setup consulting, PRO services, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll services, serviced business centers, and furnished commercial space for rent are some of our many other benefits.

Setup Advisory & Consultancy

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team provides preliminary consultation, giving legal advice about your business and visa for Saudi Arabia. We deal with both startups and well-established companies. Please give us comprehensive information about the nature of the business. It is vital, as we are at the initial stage, so any miscommunication or wrong information may prove costly eventually....

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Serviced Offices & Business Centres

We provide fully furnished offices and all-inclusive business centers in prime locations of the Kingdom. Short-term and long-term leasing plans are available to every client. The concept of co-working spaces is cost-efficient and improves creativity within employees. Benefit from services such as cleaning, internet, admin support and more.

Pro Service

At Innovation-sa, we have a dedicated team available to assist businesses with all PRO activities. They possess excellent knowledge of the role and have been dealing with several municipalities and ministries such as the Ministry of Labor and Ministry of Foreign Affairs amongst many others. Issuance and renewing licenses and work visa or any other documents in the Middle East, can be done through us in Saudi Arabia.

Relocation & Destination Services

We take great pride in our meticulous attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding relocation services. Each assignment we undertake is treated with a deep respect for its individuality, and we customize our criteria and strategies to ensure its success.

Talent Management

Innovation-sa and Easy Tiger Executive Search's global reach, expansive network, and deep industry connections across key regions including Saudi Arabia, UAE, UK, EMEA, JAPAC, and USA position us as a trusted global talent management consultancy, fully equipped to address your recruitment requirements.

Immigration Services

We offer strategic planning for corporate immigration and advice in addition to supporting organizations with immigration services in Saudi Arabia. Our services include work visa, residence visa, and sponsor visas for families who plan to migrate. Each of our services is in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom. We offer a range of services, making access to Saudi Arabia easy for any of your workers.

Chauffeur Services

Innovation-sa is the leading supplier of ground transport and VIP chauffeur service in Saudi Arabia. Unparalleled security and top-notch quality services are offered to all of our customers. Whether you require an airport transfer or business transport, let us know and we’ll handle the rest. Our chauffeurs are punctual, available 24/7, reliable and highly professional. The base of our reputation is delivering premium service to every customer.

Accounting, BookKeeping & Payroll Services

Innovation-sa offers businesses in Saudi Arabia with outstanding accounting services, ranging from bookkeeping and payroll to GOSI services. Our accounting solutions are up-to-date and they comply with the local laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia. We employ international standards and our financial statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Saudi Culture Consultation and Training

Our comprehensive Saudi cultural consultation and training will equip you with the tools to succeed in your business ventures. Guidance from experts enables you to unravel the intricate threads of this unique cultural context. Understand how to bridge gaps and forge lasting connections. Master the art of negotiation, propose groundbreaking services tailored to Saudi preferences, and communicate with effectiveness. Seamlessly integrate into the business ecosystem, and foster fruitful partnerships.

Employer Of Record

We provide top-notch service, focusing on hiring and developing staff that add more value to the company. Apart from this our services include creating and managing personnel files, employment contracts, supervising wage and salary payments, security and data protection of employees amongst many others. Additionally, we provide employees with logistical support as well as medical insurance.

IT Advisory

Innovation-sa is home to a team of IT specialists. Once you move into your new office space, you won’t be let on your own. We ensure the team is with you, guiding and assisting you at every stage, right from diagnosis to implementation. Our aim is to provide you with a seamless collaboration with the local network.

Legal Translation

At Innovation-sa we offer quality translation services to any business in Saudi Arabia. English to Arabic translation and vice-versa. We deliver easily readable and precise translations.

Human Resources

Innovation-sa is a one-stop-shop for all your HR services in Saudi Arabia. We understand that it is the fundamental component of any organization. Our range of services include interviewing and hiring employees, handling payrolls, training, and is not limited to just these services. Additionally, we have a database for recruitment of Saudi nationals, in line with the Saudization scheme.


Through our one-stop shop, Innovation-sa aims to offer rising firms the highest caliber turnkey embedded service packages and business support in Saudi Arabia. We provide our valued clients with the knowledge and tools necessary, keeping them focused on their main business.


Our mission is to provide exceptional immigration services, PRO services, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll services, serviced offices and business centers, transportation, HR, and recruitment services as part of our comprehensive support for business set up in Saudi Arabia. We work hard to provide value and growth to the companies of both new and existing clients through our sincere belief in effective leadership, top-notch service, and dedication to our team members, clients, and suppliers. We are steadfastly committed to the goal of the company's achievement via knowledge, perseverance, and problem-solving. This commitment is based on integrity, service, and social responsibility.

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