Professional Assistance in Setting Up Companies in Saudi Arabia

Swift Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

At Innovation SA business support services in Saudi Arabia, we take pride in having a wealth of knowledge, considerable experience, and competence in setting up a business in Saudi Arabia and guiding clients based on their specific requirements and visions toward suitable company types. We hold the expertise and reputation of being the best in the industry for new foreign entrants, SMEs, and companies that want to start in the Saudi Arabia market. We provide unparalleled expertise, information, and insight from the highest echelons of the Saudi Government. When offering advice, we consider the local legislation and the requirements put forth by our clients for business setup in Saudi Arabia for foreigners. As a result, we meet the criteria for becoming a convenient one-stop gateway to the Kingdom for company formation. Additionally, Innovation-SA assists you in finding a suitable location for your business through the government and other legal requirements to start up a new business in Saudi Arabia swiftly and efficiently.

Experts in Setting Up a Business in Saudi Arabia

Experts in Setting Up a Business in Saudi Arabia

Innovation-SA, a group of skilled professionals and experts in the industry, is deeply versed in finance and the legal framework necessary to manage a company’s operations while providing the best integrated business solutions in Saudi Arabia. We know how essential to examine your company’s processes and optimize them so that you may run a flourishing firm. We handle everything under one roof, from advising on foreign investors’ rights to shareholder quotas and other pertinent business issues.

We have worked with various sectors in Saudi Arabia and other GCC nations for the formation and incorporation of a company. We offer our expert assistance for the following.

  • Complete help and foreign business support services in Saudi Arabia and company formation in Saudi Arabia.
  • Incorporating LLCs, partnerships, and other GCC-owned structures with 100% foreign ownership.
  • Help and advice with banking.
  • PRO and services for resident visas.
  • Accounting and Tax support, legal counsel, and HR assistance.

If you’d like more information about our business support services in Saudi Arabia or to arrange a meeting, send us an inquiry.

How Can Innovation Sa Be of Help?

We work on your company’s behalf, assisting you in establishing a legitimate presence in the Kingdom. Our turnkey service for setting up companies in Saudi Arabia consists of three separate parts:

Business Formation

Complete Business Formation

Through your company’s formal incorporation, we establish your business’s legal presence in Saudi Arabia, which includes obtaining specialized permissions and opening a bank account.

Representation Service

Representation Service

Until your complete company formation in in Saudi Arabia is executed, our representative services will assist you in keeping a virtual presence over here.

Regular Monitoring

Periodical Monitoring

Your business licenses are always kept current to ensure that your organization complies with all governmental regulations and regulatory changes.

Types of Company Formation in Saudi Arabia

Our business advisors at Innovation-SA know your goals, operations, and desired activities. They can help you with setting up a business in Saudi Arabia using the best company structure for your needs.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Joint Stock Company (JSC)

Single Member Limited Liability Company (SMLLC)

Limited Partnership Company

Moreover, foreign businesses can conduct business in Saudi Arabia using specific business structures.

Representative Office

Joint Ventures

Branch Office

Benefits of Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

Benefits of Business Setup in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is the ideal location for anyone wishing to launch a business with their own office or shared office spaces due to its flexibility, stable economy, and quickly growing population. In addition to those already mentioned, other benefits include a variety of tax exemptions for foreign investors and businesses, a wealth of natural resources, and a setting that supports 100% ownership:

  • A welcoming environment
  • Safe and Secure
  • Total Ownership
  • Ease of Starting a Business
  • Citizens are friendly
  • An increase in commercial opportunities
  • A shift in favor of privatization

Why Choose Innovation SA?

Easy-To-Follow Procedure

Every step has been streamlined and enhanced to make starting your business quick and simple.

Transparent Method

We won’t charge you any unexpected fees. We uphold an open-book policy and make sure that our clients know all the steps in setting up business in Saudi Arabia.

No Physical Presence Is Required

We can support foreigners setting up business in Saudi Arabia. You don’t need to be physically present in the nation to establish your firm because we’ll cover all the criteria and paperwork.

Turnkey Solutions

We can offer solutions that are suited to your tastes because of our experience and understanding of governmental processes.

Lower Prices

If you decide to use our service, we guarantee quick and economical solutions for launching a business in Saudi Arabia.


Our mainland coworking package is unique in the market since it allows for expansion as your company grows. The package includes a trade license, a sponsor/service agency, documentation assistance, a coworking facility in Saudi Arabia, networking platforms, and much more.


Our business setup advisers provide competent business setup guidance according to the nature of your organization. We have experience setting up several business activities for our clients without hassle.


1. Why should I choose Innovation SA business setup services?

Innovation SA is a trusted and reliable business setup service provider with years of experience helping entrepreneurs and companies establish their businesses in Saudi Arabia. Our team of experts can guide you through the entire process and ensure that your business is set up smoothly and efficiently.

2. What kind of services does Innovation SA offer in business setup services?

Innovation SA offers many services, including business registration, company formation, license renewal, visa processing, and more. Our services cover all aspects of starting a business in Saudi Arabia.

3. How long does it take to set up a business in Saudi Arabia with Innovation SA?

The time it takes to set up a business in Saudi Arabia with Innovation SA depends on several factors, including the type of business and the specific requirements of the government. However, we strive to complete the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4. What kind of businesses can Innovation SA help set up in Saudi Arabia?

Innovation SA can help set up various businesses in Saudi Arabia, including limited liability companies (LLCs), joint ventures, branch offices, and more.

5. What is the cost of Innovation SA’s business setup services?

The cost of Innovation SA’s business setup services varies depending on the business’s specific requirements. We offer customized packages to fit the needs and budget of each client.

6. Can Innovation SA assist with visa processing for employees?

Yes, Innovation SA can assist with visa processing for employees. We can help obtain work visas, residency visas, and other necessary documents.

7. How can I get in touch with Innovation SA?

You can contact Innovation SA through our website or by phone. Our team will happily answer any questions and provide more information about our services.

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