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We are a bespoke business setup advisory and consultancy in Saudi Arabia. Our one-stop-shop service offers business setup advisory to all types of companies. Our team of experts are attuned with the market and have been facilitating various organizations by catering to all their setup and operational needs. We offer advice on sourcing and selecting the ideal and most cost-effective location, expected time frame in setting up your business, budget as well as the perfect managerial structure. The team provides continuous guidance along the path. We understand the legal framework required to handle the operation of a company. To ensure your business runs successfully, our team engages in detailed consultation with you. It allows us to have a better and in-depth understanding of your business. Every market is different, so we create tailor-made solutions identifying potential pitfalls and minimizing entry risks. Our inventive and unconventional solutions combined with a strategic approach and problem diagnosis skills, allow us to offer only the best in the industry.

Business setup advisory to all types of companies

Advantages of Setting Up A Business in Saudi Arabia

With a rapid growing population and a robust economy, Saudi Arabia is an ideal location for foreign investors to setup a business in the region. Since KSA welcomes entrepreneurs with open arms, most of them choose to setup their company here as well as explore new markets. While some are impressed with the financial system of the country, others are enticed by its business-friendly environment. Let’s dive into the advantages when entrepreneur’s setup a new business in Saudi Arabia.

  • Safe and secure.
  • Hospitable people.
  • Improved infrastructure.
  • Ease of conducting a business.
  • Increased business opportunities.
  • Shift from nationalization to privatization.

Why You Should Hire Us?

Our team has in-depth knowledge and expertise of the market

We Take Charge

While backing you up with all the necessary formalities, we also take charge of collecting the requirements to setup your company, preventing any legal issue plaguing your path.

We Have the Knowledge

Our team has in-depth knowledge and expertise of the market, allowing us to help you get your business up and running smoothly.

We Have the Experience

We help you find the right license and jurisdiction for your goals. Furthermore, hiring a professional has proved beneficial as opposed to hiring a layman with no experience.

Reduced Costs

When you work with us, you save on the additional costs required to hire new staff. We handle all the work and can even work on specific tasks, depending on the requirement.

Additional Assistance

If you are new to the market and require advise on the best practices as well as strategies to ensure your business is a success, you can always count on us.

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Schedule A Visit

We will prepare a proposal that ensures a seamless entry of your business into the Kingdom. It will also guarantee your company’s successful growth. The proposal drafted at Innovation SA is bound to impress you.