Employer Of Record

We provide top-notch service, focusing on hiring and developing staff that add more value to the company. Apart from this our services include creating and managing personnel files, employment contracts, supervising wage and salary payments to ensure the rate is adequate, security and data protection of employees amongst many others. The team additionally assists in implementation of Saudization processes as per the government entities. Furthermore, we provide employees and their families with logistical support, staff accommodation as well as medical insurance. We maintain records of employee benefits such as insurance, retirement and compensation plans. What sets a personnel and human resource management apart is that, as personnel, we work primarily on record-keeping and maintaining the conditions of all the employees. It is a sub-category of the human resource department.

Our Employee Management Service Inclusions

HR Strategy and Planning

This identifies the organization’s current and future needs for achieving its goals. Human Resource strategy and planning must act as a bridge between any organization’s leadership and overall strategic plan.

Change Management

It describes ways in which an organization implements certain changes to achieve goals, enabling employees to work as a team. The aim here is to prevent maximum negative impacts from the change.

HR Policy Framework and Procedures

This is done for employees to understand how to execute their job, and also explains the dos and don’ts for everyone. Their procedures include goals and benefits of the organization as well.

Performance Management

Here we ensure the activities set out meet the goals of the organization in an effective manner. We focus on every aspect right from the organization to the department and employee, enabling everyone to work at their best.


Through our automated pay roll system, you benefit from reduced cost and time. It creates efficiency and reduces error, which you are likely to face with a manual system.

Why Work with Us?

Our belief lies in the fact that individuals are content, and companies are more successful when people are encouraged and empowered to work and reside where opportunity beckons. With us you are one step closer to achieving your desired business goals. Our company consists of a talented group of employees, who are reliable, responsible, empathetic and full of enthusiasm. The reason behind our success is that we bring quality services and solutions to the table. We have a zeal to impact your business in a positive manner.

When you work with us, we take majority off the load from your plate, so you are not distracted from the focal areas of the organization. We take care of the following.

  • We work in line with the laws of the kingdom
  • We minimize the risks involved
  • We implement growth strategy
  • We provide all-rounder business solutions
  • Government affairs involvement
  • We reduce costs on training staff

We find an immediate replacement when a staff is on leave.

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