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We have noticed a large number of expatriates in the region. At Innovation-sa, we assist with visa formalities and immigration services along with reception services in Saudi Arabia business. We offer strategic planning and advice in addition to supporting organizations. Work permits, residence visas, and family-sponsored visas for Saudi Arabia expats are some of our many services. We take glory in how we efficiently streamline the official process of immigration services in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, each of our tasks aligns with the laws of KSA. Our company comprises a dedicated professional team, inculcating in-depth knowledge of the immigration industry. This allows us to update our valuable clients and customers further looking to apply for visas for Saudi Arabia with any new laws. We have successfully encouraged resettlement solutions to thousands of satisfied clients.

Whether you already own a company or plan on acquiring one and want to apply for a visa, if you have employees seeking to enter Saudi Arabia to work for you, Innovation-sa is here to help! Our team will provide an end-to-end solution and pro services in Saudi Arabia to guide you through the process. We provide integrated business solutions in Saudi Arabia. Whether it is a business trip, a full-time employee visa, or any other visa, efficiently getting through the necessary steps is paramount to us. To avail of our immigration service in Saudi Arabia or for further information, please contact our team.

Why Do You Need an Immigration Consultant for Saudi Arabia Immigration?

There are several reasons why you may contact an immigration consultant for Saudi Arabia immigration:

Complex Immigration Laws

The immigration laws in Saudi Arabia can be quite complex and difficult to navigate. The best immigration consultants in Saudi can help you understand the requirements and procedures involved in the immigration process.

Language Barrier

If you are not fluent in Arabic, you may have difficulty communicating with government officials and navigating the Saudi Arabian bureaucracy. A fluent consultant in Arabic can help you communicate effectively and navigate the process more easily.

Time-Consuming Process

The immigration process for Saudi Arabia can be time-consuming, with multiple forms and documents required. A consultant can help you save time by handling paperwork and other formalities on your behalf.

Avoiding Mistakes

Errors or omissions in your application can result in delays or even rejection. A consultant can help you avoid mistakes by reviewing your application and ensuring all necessary information is included.

Legal Expertise

A consultant who specializes in Saudi Arabia immigration can provide you with legal expertise and advice on the immigration process. They can help you understand your rights and obligations as a Saudi Arabian immigrant.

Types of Visas for Saudi Arabia

Innovation-sa is a highly reputable and well-established immigration consultancy firm for immigration visa consultancy in Saudi Arabia. We specialize in issuing various visa types, including business visas, temporary work visas, and government visas, with pro services in Saudi Arabia. Your choice of visa for Saudi Arabia depends entirely on the purpose of your visit, your contacts, and the duration of your stay. Each visa type has been detailed by our visa immigration services in Saudi Arabia below to enhance your knowledge before entering the Kingdom.

Business Visa

Business Visa

This enables individuals to make short-term business trips. Choose from a 3-month single entry or 6-month multiple entry visa for Saudi Arabia. Individuals are entitled to up to 30 days maximum per visit.

Employment Visa

Employment Visa

This type of visa allows individuals to reside, work full-time, or set up businesses in Saudi Arabia. However, you must provide the employment contract, invitation, medical reports, and other related documents.

Temporary Work Visa

Temporary Work Visa

A temporary visa for Saudi Arabia ex-pats who seek to apply for work in the Kingdom for a short period. The visa validity relies on the duration mentioned in your invitation letter.

Diplomatic Visa

Diplomatic Visa

An e-service enables diplomats in the Kingdom to travel to the United States along with other government officials and support staff. These diplomatic passports are verified before issuing visas to them.

Government Visit Visa

Government Visit Visa

This visa is given to both men and women who will meet several organizations of the Saudi government and their associated staff. The invitation letter is similar to a business visa but requires fewer documents.

Saudi Arabia Immigration – Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare, Defense, Engineering and Oil and Gas are the top industries that employ expats with visa for Saudi Arabia.

Block visa is the most common type for immigrants working in Saudi Arabia. Work visit visa and commercial business visit visa is applicable for short-term assignments.

The employer should first register a file with the Ministry of Interior. The file should contain all their details to apply for visa in Saudi Arabia. A work visa application is then lodged by the employer. The permit length is based on the nationality, profession and various factors of the employee. Get more details from our visa immigration services in Saudi Arabia.

Your passport, employment contract, medical report, police clearance, educational degree as well as corporate documents will have to be submitted to apply visa for Saudi Arabia.

It ranges anywhere from 3 months to 7 months to obtain entry into Saudi Arabia, with a further 1-3-month period for completion of the whole process.

The validity period of the work permit is typically for a year, which needs annual renewal.

As a foreigner it is difficult to obtain citizenship in Saudi Arabia. The trial period according to the new neutralization law is of ten years and there is no dual nationality. It is compulsory to speak Arabic.

If you are able to prove that you reside and work for a company in UK, you can obtain your visa from the Saudi Arabia Embassy in London.

Initially you will arrive with a three-month temporary visa. Upon arrival you will be asked for your passport to process your Iqama. It usually takes between 2-4 weeks but could take longer.

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