When Should Companies Turn to Recruiting Agencies

By Innovation-sa on January 4, 2023 in Blog

Most businesses have an internal HR department that handles new employee recruitment. They do, however, perform other important tasks in the day-to-day operations. Hiring professional recruiters for talent acquisition is another option. Recruiting agencies select a workforce for employers based on specific criteria. They have access to a large number of databases, allowing them to locate even the most specialized professionals. Recruiting agencies can attract candidates who may not respond to job site vacancies. They can also help look for candidates in other countries and regions. They also ensure the confidentiality of the search, if required by the customer. Their execution speed is much higher than the internal team. Company owners must decide when it is the right time to hire the recruitment services of an experienced firm. Continue reading to find out when it is fitting for your company to hire recruiters.

High Workload of Internal HR specialists

HR’s responsibilities include a variety of other tasks, such as onboarding and training of new employees, that must be completed. As a result, if the company does not have a separate recruiting department or a very small human resources team, keeping up with new hires can be difficult. To alleviate the burden, the employer may consider hiring recruitment services.

When You Need to Find a Specialist

Recruiting firms have a large database of employees and candidates from various industries. Even if the specialist you require is already employed, the agency will be able to offer him a job and possibly poach him.

When You Need to Fill Multiple Vacancies

When you need to recruit a large number of people for multiple vacancies, an internal team may not have enough time and resources for this. And recruiting agencies will help you quickly close positions.

Speed of Execution

Professional recruiters on the staff of a recruiting agency can handle all preliminary work on candidate search and selection. They have the resources to complete the job on time.

Inadequate Knowledge

Suppose the company lacks a dedicated recruiting department. In that case, the internal HR specialist may simply be unaware of what to look for when selecting candidates, how to evaluate their resumes, or even where to look for them.

When we consider recruiting agencies, we see professionals with a certain level of knowledge working there. They understand where to look for candidates, how to find them, and which specialists are appropriate for the client and which should be rejected immediately.

Lowering Expenses

At first glance, it appears that hiring a recruiting firm will cost more than finding a candidate on your own. However, when you factor in the cost of posting a vacancy, the amount of time spent on recruiting, the cost of accessing resume databases, and so on, everything becomes much more expensive.

Furthermore, small business owners spend approximately 40% of their time on non-profitable tasks such as hiring. In such cases, contacting a recruiting agency is the best option.


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