What Employees Look for In Their Company’s Flexible Working Policy

By Innovation-sa on August 31, 2022 in Blog

Developing a healthy and employee-friendly work policy is the need of the hour for most companies. While companies focus on their revenue and productivity, they also consider developing employee-friendly strategies to boost employee satisfaction. Thus, most companies implement a flexible work policy to help employees’ work and personal lives. Most employees have stated the benefits of working policy where they can either work from the office or home, depending on their needs. Unlike the traditional office structure, where being physically present in the office 5 days a week was mandatory and considered helpful, a flexible working policy helps employees restore their freedom. For instance, you might want to visit your office space in Jeddah on alternate days and work from home on the rest, and a flexible working policy helps you achieve that. Here are a few points employees look forward to in a flexible working approach.

Introducing Set Leaves

Working from home does not mean working lesser than you do in the office. Hence, employees consider leaves equally vital in a flexible working policy. While some companies tried to introduce an unlimited leave policy for employees during the COVID lockdown, it hampered their productivity. It is because, while some employees took endless leaves, it affected the diligent employees, reducing the number of leaves they could take owing to their commitment to the company. Hence, most employees prefer having a set number of paid and casual leaves to carry out other responsibilities.

Additional Medical Or Hospitalization Leaves

Employers prefer an additional leave for medical reasons, especially in the case of hospitalization from their company. While a set number of paid and casual leaves can benefit the employees, the added medical leaves can help them carry on their treatment or take sick leaves without worrying about affecting their leave quota. Such leaves can help employees go for psychological therapies and other treatments freely. Most company reports claim such leave policies have indeed boosted employee productivity as employees refrain from visiting the office just for the sake of it. Instead, they work better when they do.

No Set Working Hours

A flexible working policy does not imply choosing to work from home or the office. Instead, employees expect companies to have a flexible operational policy regarding work hours. There might be days when an employee finishes the assigned tasks before their clock-out time. They must be free to clock out and carry out other responsibilities in such situations. Restricting employees within the 9-5 working hours can affect their productivity and satisfaction. Thus, a flexible working policy must allow employees to work for as long as they need to finish the assigned tasks. Therefore, whether you work from your office or home in Saudi Arabia, connecting for meetings or sharing updates is no longer a challenge.

Flexible Work Options

A flexible working policy does not involve setting specific dates for employees to visit the office. Instead, the company should leave it to the employees. The employees must be free to select the days they want to work from the office or home. There might be days when employees are willing to collaborate with their colleagues or work from the comfort of their homes. Thus, it is vital to ensure the employee’s comfort and freedom to select when they want to visit the office and work from their desks.

Virtual Platforms To Connect With Colleagues

Employees expect companies to have a virtual platform where they can connect with their fellow employees to share updates so that working from the office or home does not affect the company’s productivity. Thus, most companies use digital platforms like Microsoft teams, Slack, and others to keep their employees connected. Such a network ensures proper employee communication and helps develop a friendly and healthy office environment. Thus, sharing feedback or updates is no longer a challenge whether you work from your home or office space in Saudi Arabia.