How Much Office Space Do Employees Need?

By Innovation-sa on June 14, 2022 in Blog

Setting up a new office requires one to ponder upon the amount of area one needs to accommodate their employees and conduct business activities. This is a crucial decision as it determines the number of resources one has to spend renting an office space for their business. Furthermore, there are several factors one needs to consider. For instance, one cannot just offer a desk and a chair to all the employees. The office needs some free space, some cabins, etc., to accommodate the needs of the employees. Here is a clear idea of how much office space employees need in Saudi Arabia.

Consider the Space Each Employee Needs

With the rising threats from the pandemic COVID 19, having a large enough office space is crucial. This implies one cannot crown all the employees in one area without adequate social distancing. Hence, it is crucial to consider the amount of space each employee needs. One must consider the essential area requirement for each employee in an office, considering the area occupied by the computers, desks, and chairs. Apart from that, one also has to keep in mind the norms of physical distancing to ensure the safety of all the employees. Hence, one needs to maintain adequate space for each employee.

Reserve Special Area for the Executives

While one can keep a specific work area for all the employees, it is crucial to have separate places for the company executives. They generally attend several meetings, which may hamper the work of the other employees if they share the same area. Hence, keeping separate cabins for the HR, CEO, and other similar positions in the company is crucial. Office space must also have a particular reserved area for the receptionist and a waiting room for the guests.

Common Areas for Common Interests

One cannot keep their employees stuck in the same place for hours. Hence, it is crucial to have common areas, keeping in mind the common interests of the employees. For instance, company offices must have a conference room for conducting important meetings with all the employees. It must also have a canteen area or a smoking zone for the employees to unwind and breathe fresh air outside the office room.


Several studies reveal different statistics about the amount of area each employee requires in an office. However, a standard measurement is 138 square feet per employee. Though this might look a lot at first glance, it is the most accurate and used statistic in different companies. This is because one does consider not only the space that an employee needs just for his work but also an extra space so that the office does not seem suffocating or claustrophobic.


Determining the accurate area, one needs to set up an office space might be challenging. While several types of research and reports can help you get a rough idea, they might not be accurate. Remember, it is always better to have a reserved space to accommodate employees as and when your company expands. Furthermore, though renting an office space, especially extra space, may look cost-intensive initially, it is one of the most fruitful investments. Remember, most office space for rent in Al Khobar and other places have enough room to accommodate all the employees with enough free space to unwind and pursue their common interests. Such a strategy strengthens the overall work culture in your company.