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By Innovation-sa on April 17, 2022 in Blog

In 2016, KSA formed the initiative Saudi Vision 2030. This is a framework strategized to decrease KSA’s dependency on oil and diversify the economy. It will also develop various sectors of public service that include tourism, recreation, infrastructure, education, and health. The vision represents three unique competitive benefits, like an ambitious country, a thriving economy, and an energetic society.

This initiative has encouraged numerous recent developments in the nation. This has resulted in numerous opportunities for business and work in KSA. If you are looking for work opportunities, you could connect with the nearest recruitment service in Riyadh.

The Latest Developments

  • Red Sea project: developing island infrastructure, hotels, international airports, featuring villages, etc.
  • Qiddiya project – over 300 activities and over 45 projects across the sporting, entertainment, hospitality, and creative sectors.
  • NEOM: It will be the workplace and home for over a million people.

Opportunities for Expats

Vision 2030 offers numerous opportunities to expatriates, allowing them to work in KSA through a holding company. So, what exactly is a holding company? It is an entity within the parent business. A holding company is an investment firm that holds shares of numerous companies, making up a corporate group. You will come across numerous huge holding companies in KSA that work across various sectors of the industry, including:

  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Energy and power
  • Automotive
  • Petrochemicals/oil and gas
  • Manufacturing
  • Building materials
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Construction

These companies play an important part in helping Vision 2030 succeed. These companies employ a wide range of employees that have experience in working on numerous projects across the world. The rules include technical operations, HR operations, finance, consultant experts, senior corporate management, and C-Suit strategic.

Competitive Salary That Is Tax Free

Employers across KSA offer competitive salaries that are tax-free, along with career progression. The government is keen on Saudization, but the majority of employers are comfortable with recruiting expatriates that have sufficient experience and expertise to achieve business targets.

Effects of Saudization

Officially, it is called Nitaqat, or the Saudi nationalization scheme. It is a policy by the government in which Saudi firms are allowed to recruit expatriate employees on the basis of a quota. It is crucial for companies to maintain a quota of at least 70% of workers to be national content.

On account of the policy, there has been a reduction in the rules for expats. Numerous professional companies, government departments, and private family groups are issuing visas for opportunities that require skilled employees. If a firm has a visa available for non-Saudis, then an expat can apply.


KSA nationals and expats can connect with the nearest recruitment service in Khobar if they are looking for suitable employment. These agencies can also help you find the correct role. We hope that this guide has helped you get more clarity on the numerous benefits of working in KSA.