By Innovation-sa on March 22, 2022 in Blog

Are you planning to start a business in Saudi Arabia? It is an excellent idea! You may have numerous questions about the simplest process for acquiring a visa. Stop by the right place. Today we will discuss all visas for entrepreneurs. You can also watch out for our upcoming guide that will discuss more immigration services in Saudi Arabia. So, let’s get started!

Process and Criteria

There are certain eligibilities that you need to match up to obtain a visa for Saudi Arabia. They include:


This is crucial as you will have to provide the signed passport along with a copy of all your personal details pages from the passport. It must:

  •     It has validity for the coming 6 months.
  •     It must not be altered, frayed, or separated.
  •     It must have a minimum of two blank pages for the visa.

Be sure to match the above requirements.


  •     Make sure to have a passport size photograph in a single color:
  •     The photograph must be printed on decent quality paper and should be the latest one.
  •     Must be clicked against a white background. It should be 2×2 inches.
  •     It must have a complete front view of the face and head centered, showing a neutral expression.
  •     The picture must be taken without eyeglasses and any headwear unless it is for religious reasons.
  •     Make sure to fix the photograph to the application without utilizing staples or tape.

Cover letter

Submit a business covering letter that is original and from your firm. The letter should be printed out on the letterhead of the company, declaring the mail address. Furthermore, the letter must:

  •     Include your complete name as per the passport.
  •     Mention passport number.
  •     Include the job title and the name of the company inviting you as per the invitation.

Application Form

It is important that you submit an application copy that is properly filled, it must:

  •     Answer every field mentioned
  •     Mention your complete name as per the passport.
  •     It must be signed.
  •     A mobile phone number must be provided.
  •     Mention your corresponding email address.

Invitation letter

You should submit the invitation that you received from KSA’s Foreign Ministry. Because the concerned company will take responsibility for your visit. Therefore, the letter must:

  •     Be directed to KSA’ Royal Embassy
  •     Mention the entire local address along with the firm’s contact details and the firm’s name.
  •     The visa validity similar to the letter
  •     Declare the total number of visits you need for the KSA.

Suppose the sponsor firm in KSA is getting the invite, you will need to verify the below-mentioned points:

  •     It should be directed to the consulate of KSA.
  •     The Foreign Ministry of KSA must sign as well as stamp the invitation.

If you are planning to complete a short assignment, make sure you mention the term while applying for the visa.