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Irrespective of your country of origin, KSA foreign laws dictate that you must have a valid visa when you visit the country. A visa is an official piece of document which permits its holder entry to a specific country. Visas are generally of different types (can vary from one country to the next), and the type you will require is determined by the reason & length of your visit. If you plan to visit KSA, you’ll need to get a visa from the KSA Embassy from your current country of residence. For more information about the requirements related to Visa for Saudi Arabia, read on through:

Visa Type

Whether it be an organization or an individual, you will need to have a business visa to conduct business transactions in the country. However, the activities you can do under such a visa is limited, and you will need to be sponsored by a Saudi National. On the other hand, a work visa is official documentation that permits you to work in the country as an employee with your chosen organization. Also, pay attention to whether your business visa has a message such as “not permitted to work,” if this is the case, you are under no circumstance allowed to conduct business transactions while you are in the country.


If you are hoping to apply for a KSA business visa, you should provide the following set of documents – passport, photos, business cover letter (for a work visa), business registration forms (business visa), letter of invitation, completed notice on Saudi Law and Regulations, educational documents, and visa application forms.

Visa Processing Time

In most scenarios, if all the documents are valid, you can get your desired visa within a space of 7-15 days. However, this time can vary, depending on several factors and for information on the same or on how you can fast-track the overall process, get in touch with us.

Validity of Saudi Visa

This is entirely dependent on the type of visa that you possess. For example, a single-entry visa usually permits allows you for 90-days of stay. On the other hand, with a multiple-entry visa, you can stay in the country for up to 180-days. Additionally, be sure to exit the country on or before your visa expiry date and be sure to follow all the country’s local customs and laws during your stay.


Getting Saudi Arabian employment or work visa is a standard procedure. However, if you want to get it done without any delays or complications, be sure to reach out to an immigration consultant with expertise operating in Saudi. Also, investors who wish to set up a base in the country should try to work with a credible business consultant based in the KSA.