Services Office

By on May 23, 2019 in Blog

Whether your business is established or you’re a start-up with only a handful of staff, there is no denying that businesses operate more effectively from serviced offices. A serviced office enables you and your staff to simply move in without any worries. Also, these offices permit you to carry out your day to day operation from the onset without any disruptions or delays. Serviced offices are also less expensive than a conventional office as you would be sharing the space with like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners. When taking into consideration all the amenities that come along with a serviced office, it’s often a more cost-effective choice. Lastly, Serviced offices give business owners and their staff greater flexibility to decide how they run their business.

Service Offices are Fitted Out

Services Offices come with all the trimmings you need. You get to have your office space designed and configured in the way that best suits your business. And the essentials like desks, chairs and storage units come ready to be used. If you were renting a conventional office, then you would need to purchase all your furniture in advance. This is because a conventional office normally just comes as an empty space. There are some serviced offices that can also customize your office in a layout that is specific to your needs. In addition, your branding can be featured throughout your office – thus making your brand more appealing to clients.

Outsourced Staffing

Most serviced offices come with a host of support staff at your disposal. These can include IT support staff, receptionists and staff for maintenance. This allows your staff to better utilize their time working on your projects. You may have a group of experts in your field, but their time is wasted if they’re answering trivial emails all day (or performing customer service tasks on the telephone). This is also a proven method of managing costs – as you’re not having to engage a third-party to perform additional tasks.


If you’re a business owner that elects to rent a conventional office, then you’re taking a risk by doing so. Your business may experience setbacks and you may not be able sustain it. It also needs to be acknowledged that conventional offices are generally a long-term commitment. This is because there is often a long-term lease that first needs to be agreed upon. By selecting a serviced office, you’re given more flexibility. This is because you can first agree upon a space that matches your business needs, and then have the option to expand to a larger fit-out as your business grows.