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By on May 7, 2019 in Blog

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for many things, but only a few know it as a place where business can begin, flourish and prosper. For a long time, she held the record as a haven for tourists, a world leader responsible for regulating the sale, supply, and distribution of refined crude oil to the world. Only a few know that there are numerous other profitable business ideas for potential investors, businessmen or women, and budding entrepreneurs to take advantage of irrespective of what they must have seen or heard. If you fall within the category of individuals who are ready to do business in Saudi Arabia, here are the top five ideas for you.

Sales, Supply, And Support for Health-Care Related Matters

For a country that receives millions of people either for tourism or business daily within her borders, no endeavor seems more profitable and lucrative than healthcare. While you may not be a healthcare specialist, you can be involved in sales, supplies of medical equipment or rendering support services according to the country’s regulations.

Sales, Supply, And Training of Security Staff or Other Related Materials

Security is paramount for every community, especially for a vast country such as Saudi Arabia who is more exposed to security risks because of its booming tourist industry. While we may all agree that security is a sole responsibility of the government, the government sometimes requests partnerships with security companies for the sale of security apparatuses, consultancy, and training of personnel. Not forgetting privately owned businesses, the market for security in Saudi Arabia is both viable and profitable.

Construction and Real Estate Matters

The nature of Saudi Arabia is structured to be an environment that supports various construction on an almost regular basis, so if you are looking for a profitable and lucrative business to start in 2019, think building and real estate.

Language Tutoring and Training

Any country ready for business will be prepared to learn and teach her citizens other people’s language. Which is why one of the lucrative markets to start this year in Saudi Arabia are centers that teach English, Chinese and other languages.

Agriculture and Food Production

You must have heard that ‘green is the new black,’ referencing the emergence and the dominance of agriculture over oil products and production. This is not exclusive of other countries with Saudi Arabia as an exception. Agriculture and food production stand as one of the most lucrative and profitable businesses to do in 2019 at KSA.

In conclusion, we acknowledge that there are indeed more money-spinning ventures that have been tested and trusted. If you like the ones we have listed let us know.