By Innovation-sa on May 5, 2019 in News

Saudi Arabia should utilize the latest technological advances that have impacted the society effectively on its strive to become the digital hub of the region, the Global Digital Government Summit organized by the new Saudi e-Government program, Yesser, under the title “Putting Citizens First” noted.


Ali Al-Asiri, CEO of Yesser, said the summit was “very important to our country, and the future of all countries and societies. The world has changed in the past decade at a speed that has not been seen for centuries”. He added that the Saudi government needed to re-evaluate its role in the society and review the services it provided.


The forum, attended by more than 200 executive directors of information technology from government departments across the Kingdom, focused on the future of government services and explored how authorities around the world are leveraging digital technology to move towards a unified and citizen-friendly service delivery model.


The gathering discussed the latest technological advances that have impacted society over the past decade, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, and emphasized on how Saudi Arabia could utilize them to enhance government activities and improve quality of life in the country.


The summit will be held in Saudi Arabia annually as a means to gather local and international experts in the field to discuss further developments in government digitization.


Arab News – May 01 2019