By on January 3, 2019 in Business

A vision is the first step towards leading the entire planning and decision-making towards a successful path. It is a gateway to a number of solutions for the economic chaos in the country including reduced oil prices. The fact that a massive percentage of Saudi Arabia’s economy is dependent on the oil revenues had made it difficult for the country to stabilize the current financial breakdown. This is when King Salman bin Abdul Aziz and crown prince Muhammad bin Salman launched vision 2030 in the year 2016 for an improved, progressive, and diversified state of the kingdom. For this purpose, an impressively designed plan and highly intellectual approach was witnessed when the strategical views of the ministers were made public some 3 years back.

Although the country is moving forward with a stabilized celerity over the past couple of years, there is a lot to witness in terms of secure financial condition and reassuring foreign affairs. So far, Saudi Arabia has been representing the vision 2030 by maintaining its words that mainly depict three objectives i.e. a vibrant society, thriving economy, and an ambitious nation.

From entertainment to employment, housing, and tourism sectors, the vision 2030 is rapidly progressing towards its goal by making some huge changes, which include:

  1. Ban lifted from female driving.
  2. A progressive entertainment sector in the community that encourages concerts and other musical events.
  3. An enormous rise in job opportunities for female employees that were earlier fixed for males only.
  4. Tourism made accessible and worthy by polishing heritage and historical places.

Apart from all of this, one of the best things that are also the main focus of the founders of vision 2030 and the only hope for the investors and business communities all around the world is the reformation of the economic landscape. The plan that involves other aspects as well are somehow connected with the key objective of the vision and that is a secure, stable, and promising financial condition of the country that is less dependent on the oil revenues. However, with the help of business communities and foreign investors, Saudi Arabia is empowering its private sectors by opening doors to a great number of fortunate global opportunities.

Other than this, local citizens and business community are also heading towards a more knowledgeable, efficient, and capable fraction of the world’s leading economic value.

The rapidly improving state of the country witnessed in the last couple of years is not only encouraging and hopeful but also proves the country’s potential to progress at a fast pace.

With the help of the optimistic approach, leading vision, and reformist system implemented by the overall community, Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030 is proving to be a confident step towards an improved economic landscape.