By Innovation-sa on November 25, 2018 in News

The survey report published by Talent Shift research conducted by Korn Ferry highlighted that 60 percent of Saudi business executives who participated in the survey predicted at least 28 percent growth in their businesses in Saudi Arabia by 2020 and a growth of one-third by 2030.


A major challenge that the Kingdom is going to face could be a talent deficit and 46 percent are fearful about this scenario and 52 percent doubt that this talent deficit might limit the Kingdom’s growth potential in future.


Over 70 percent Saudi leaders believe that technology will become their greatest asset over people by 2030. The promise of technology seems to be the biggest driving force behind a lack of urgency to develop existing talent to fill the talent shortage.


However, despite all the shortcomings, Saudi leaders are optimistic about the development of their existing youth in line with the ambitions of Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program.


While they predict that 28 percent of current jobs will become obsolete by 2030, they are also confident that 35 percent of the current workforce is capable of being retrained and redeployed to deliver specific skills needed in future.


Saudi Gazette -18 November 2018