By Innovation-sa on July 31, 2018 in News

The Council of Minister’s instructed the Ministry of Labor and Social Development (MLSD) and the Ministry of Housing not to issue or renew work permits of expatriates without a lease contract registered in the Ejar system from September onwards.


The ministries will organize awareness campaigns across the Kingdom to ensure that expatriates authenticate their residential rent contracts and register in the Ejar network before renewal or issuance of work permit.


The decision, which comes as the implementation of the Cabinet’s resolution dated February 13, 2017, aims to enhance the services of the real-estate sector as well as ensure expatriates’ documentation of lease contracts in the network, promote enrichment of advanced services and contribute to the development of electronic transformation.


The Ejar program was launched earlier in February 2018 to establish an electronic network for rental services which would simplify renting procedures and for registering the mutual commitments between tenants, landlords and real estate middlemen. The initiative also enabled electronic payment of rents through SADAD either monthly or quarterly or half-yearly or annually.


The Ministry of Housing is undertaking several new schemes to ensure sustainable development of the Kingdom’s rental sector by protecting the rights of the tenant, the landlord and the realtor.


Arab News – 30 July 2018