By Innovation-sa on July 1, 2018 in News

As King Salman’s decree to allow women to drive comes into action, experts predict a positive impact on the Saudi Arabian economy and boom in retail trade as well as banking sector, reported Al-Madina newspaper.


“Women driving would increase car sales by 15 percent in the big run. It will also contribute to increasing the number of Saudi women workers”, said Ali Rida, deputy chairman of the national committee for automobile agencies.


Meanwhile, experts predict 20 percent rise in motor vehicle insurance sales as well. Adel Al-Eissa, spokesman of insurance companies, noted that women behind the wheels will add a new group of customers to the Kingdom’s car insurance market and depict a notable boon in this sector.


Moreover, additional front office job openings at insurance firms will be open for Saudi women, said Muhammed Hadal, another insurance specialist.


Saudi Gazette –  26 June 2018