By Innovation-sa on May 15, 2018 in News

Saudi Arabia’s General Culture Authority (GCA) announced various programs and initiatives to aid Saudi filmmakers, film industry and film production in the Kingdom as well as to support non-Saudi filmmakers interested in filming in Saudi Arabia.

Faisal Baltuyoor, CEO of Saudi Films Council, said that the Council would focus mainly on developing skills and technical capabilities as this is the prerequisite for developing a sustainable film sector in the Kingdom. Empowerment of Saudi talents and abilities will contribute to shedding light on Saudi talents and capabilities in developing more local content, he added.

With the announcement of a national grants program and global partnerships program to improve skills and technical proficiencies of talented Saudis, the Kingdom expects to witness a positive impact on the local film industry, talent development among the Saudi youth as well as the growth of production in the local market.

The international partnerships program includes collaborations with prestigious institutions across the world, like the University of Southern California (USC), which is deemed the best university teaching film-making in the world, Studio School, and Film Independent in the US.

In addition to adopting special programs to train trainers so as to develop local capabilities in a sustainable manner, the council has also partnered with French institutes “La Femis” and “Les Gobelins”, two of the best animation institutes in the world to train young and ambitious Saudi men and women.

Meanwhile, training workshops for 2018 are scheduled to be held in the Kingdom, Los Angeles, and Paris. The workshops will provide short and intensive specialist training as well as summer training weeks and camps, and include classes on directing, editing, screenwriting, music and sound design, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional action and VR/AR.