By Innovation-sa on March 22, 2018 in News

As Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman’s ambitious drive to empower women is gaining momentum, over 40 Saudi women have taken up hospitality jobs in Makkah hotels.

Saudi women can now be seen adorning receptions as well as holding jobs in human resource, reservation, and cooking departments with ease and confidence.

“We are determined to be more professional and learn everything new in the hotel world,” said Sarrah Najjar, about her new career. “It is a pleasure and a passion to learn about many international cultures by dealing with visitors and pilgrims from different nationalities and countries”, added the excited receptionist.

Medical insurance coordinator Afaf Abdullah said the premise, privacy, professional development and training that she received is helping her do her job well.

Receptionist Reem Bakatain believes that opportunities become available to women when they are armed with knowledge and determination, and she is all set to work hard to develop her skills and gain knowledge about everything new in her career.

Women make up 56 percent of university graduates in Saudi Arabia and now women are bagging more jobs than ever in the private, public and government sectors.

The changing attitude of the age-old conservative Muslim country and its impressive measures to empower women socially, politically and economically is gaining applause and attention from the local and international community.

With the decision to grant the driving license to Saudi women and by allowing women to attend mixed public sporting events, Saudi Arabia is witnessing a massive social and economic change.