By Innovation-sa on February 26, 2018 in News

In accordance with Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority’s (SAMA) decision to implement the National Address System, banks in Saudi Arabia has now made it mandatory for customers to furnish their address at the banks.

Customers have been receiving messages from various banks reminding them to update their profile in the online bank account page or at . It has been made mandatory for all types of residences.

Saudi Arabia is the first among the Arab countries to implement the National Address System. Also known as Unwan Al-Watani, the system aims at providing a unified and comprehensive address data storage system through Geographic Information System (GIS).

It consists of six basic information, namely, building number, street name, neighborhood, city, postal code or zip code and additional phone number. In addition, mobile numbers used by customers for Absher services should also be linked with the National Address System.

Once implemented, the system would enable fast delivery of services with effective transparency, expand economic opportunities in the digital world, improve navigation capabilities to send emergency services in the wake of a disaster and help security forces reach crime scenes faster.