By Innovation-sa on January 30, 2018 in News

Saudi Minister of Labor and Social Development Dr.Ali Al-Ghafees announced on Monday the Saudization of 12 new sectors starting from September this year.

Khaled Aba Al-Khail, official spokesperson for the Ministry, said the ministerial decree was issued as the Kingdom strives to provide more employment opportunities for Saudis in the private sector and reduce the rate of unemployment among Saudi men and women which currently stands at 12.8 percent.

The 12 sales activities that will be off-limits for expatriates from the beginning of the next Hijri year include: watches, eye-wear, medical equipment and devices, electrical and electronic devices, automobile spare parts, building materials, carpets, car and motorcycles, home furniture and ready-made office material, ready-made garments, kids wear and men’s accessories, kitchenware and confectioneries.

Aba Al-Khail pointed out that the new decision will not conflict with other memoranda of understanding signed earlier with regional governorates to achieve Saudization. The feminization of shops, which currently is in its third phase, will continue as planned, he added.

Furthermore, to support and coordinate Saudization in the new sectors, a committee will be formed with committee members drawn from Ministry of Labor and Social Development, Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF), and the Social Development Bank.

The nationalization of these new activities will be implemented in three stages. From September 11, sale of cars and motorcycles, readymade garments, children’s and men’s accessories, home and office furniture, and kitchenware will be saudized. From November 9, the rules will be extended to the sale of electronics and electric appliances, watches and eyewear while sale in the remaining sectors will be Saudized from January 7, 2019.