By Innovation-sa on December 3, 2017 in News

The Ministry of Commerce and Investment said that there has been an increase of 93 percent in tasattur cases under probe in the Kingdom in 2017.

As many as 781 cases of expatriates doing business in the names of Saudis for a fixed fees were brought to the attention of the attorney general before going to the court this year, compared to only 450 cases in 2016.

The details were published at “The National Program to Combat Commercial Tasattur” workshop held by the ministry at Riyadh headed by Dr. Majed Al- Qasabi.

The ministry also revealed an increase in inspection tours to check tasattur from 10,503 in 2016 to 14,701 in 2017. Moreover, 306 cases were referred to other ministries and government departments compared to 76 cases in 2016.

The workshop examined limitations faced by the government in fighting tasattur and called for further development of the existing systems to combat tasattur, intensify supervision and raise public awareness.

The workshop also urged to keenly observe financial sources of companies by asking them to deal with receipts and bills through bank accounts only and obtain detailed information of activities carried out by companies.