Reception Services in Saudi Arabia

The reception desk and the people manning it are the first thing that a visitor or a potential customer first encounters when arriving at your office. At Innovation-sa, we understand the importance of the role and hence provide top-quality professional reception services in Saudi Arabia. Our front desk concierges and telephone receptionists have gone through a rigorous selection process and makes a great first impression on your behalf. The reception officers that we employee are trained to combine a thorough security approach with professional courtesy and service orientation.

Trained Professionals Can Cater You With 

  • Greeting Services

The first appearance of visitors matters a lot for your business, so our guest services receive and direct visitors or customers, professionally.

  • Telephone Answering Services

Our reception desk service provides world-class telephone service based on your specific needs to increase customer loyalty.

  • Collecting messages and Redirecting 

Every customer might face different problems, and our guest services collect their message and redirect them to the concerned departments.

  • Receptionist Certifications 

They have earned a different level of certification based on their work experience – levels I, II, and III.

  • Knowledgeable and Polite Attitude

All the receptionists are well trained and polite in greeting the customers, which increases the loyalty towards your brand.

  • Maintain Your Calendar 

If you make your calendar available to us, receptionists will maintain your calendar, track your busy schedule and keep you updated on all your meetings and events.

  • Address Customer Grievances

Our receptionists are professional in handling customer complaints and manage them accordingly.

  • Arrange the Transportation

Issuing tickets, arranging transportation, and handling other trivial day-to-day office affairs

  • Prevent Access to Unknown People

Acts a deterrent by ensuring that no unauthorized individuals gain access inside the office

How Can Innovation-sa Help With Guest Service? 

Front Desk Concierge

The first impression of a guest is important, and your Front Desk Concierge understands it very well. The concierge will welcome and announce your guest in the reception area. If there is any need for assistance, they are available and provide professional and efficient assistance based on your convenience. Here are some of the reception services offered by us:

  • Our Front Desk Concierge will set up the Conference Rooms and meetings based on your specific needs.
  • They will arrange coffee and catering services
  • The concierge will schedule and arrange the meeting on your behalf
  • They will set up audio/visual equipment
  • Our Front Desk Concierge will ship and receive packages
  • They will recommend the hotel and restaurant services after research
  • They will do the travel arrangement on your behalf
  • They will track your calendar and keep you posted about your busy schedule

Enhanced Phone Answering

Our receptionist teams are well trained and are professional all the time to every caller. At Innovation-sa, we have trained a receptionist team to handle your calls with special instructions which will appear on their computer screen.

Key components of the system:

  • Receptionists get the profile and description of your company
  • They have a list of important and not-so-important callers and proceed with the instructions
  • They get instructions if any particular person calls
  • They will have your schedule available if you make it available.

Benefits of Our Professional Reception Services

Improve Quality

  • We have a professional receptionist that is trained in a way that will not leave any chance of a communication gap with the customer. It will help your business to increase the quality of your services.


  • You don’t need to hire any receptionist as our reception service provides you with a professional receptionist. It will reduce the cost of operation and hiring. You can put the saved capital into other things that will help your business grow.

Better Speed to Market  

  • Our receptionist is very professional, and they can talk to customers in different languages in a professional way. It will help your business to reach different customers.

Why Choose Innovation-sa?

  • Flexible in Customer Communication

As organizations have different working cultures and require different services, we offer flexible reception desk services based on your business needs. Innovation-sa helps you to achieve your goals seamlessly. 

  • Win in Workday

Our reception services are available 24×7 to welcome visitors’ queries. With us you can focus on other crucial business tasks while we handle your guests.  

  • Increase Your Customer Loyalty

We understand that loyalty increases with professional behavior. Our highly-professional guest services help you serve your guests in the best possible way. We have highly-trained professionals to help you in increasing customer loyalty.

  • Grow Your Business

Our team will assist you in achieving your business growth target with our exceptional  reception services in Saudi Arabia.

How Innovation-sa helps with Guest Service

  • Receive and direct visitors or customers
  • Collecting messages and redirecting them to the concerned department based on their queries
  • Address customer grievances and manage them accordingly
  • Will help you maintain your personal calendar and keep you updated on all your meetings and events
  • Issuing tickets, arranging transportation and handling other trivial day-to-day office affairs
  • Acts a deterrent by ensuring that no unauthorized individuals gain access inside the office

Client Testimonials

  • Ivan

    “I can’t think of any other Chauffeur service with whom I had such a pleasant time with. From the arrival at the airport to the eventual drop-off there was no stress and no worries. Such an excellent VIP chauffeur service.”

  • Ankita

    “Fantastic Service – Thank you so much for making the evening with my partner a pleasant and stylish experience. The chauffeur was a true gentleman and the vehicle was just stunning.”

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