Outsourcing Staff in Saudi Arabia

Our in-depth understanding of the market enables us to offer a comprehensive solution to outsourcing staff in Saudi Arabia. We are able to deploy single individuals as well as an entire team anywhere in Jeddah, Riyadh, and other parts of Saudi Arabia. The task of managing human resources involves several complex activities, yet it is one of the significant aspects of any organization. We at Innovation SA are here to provide innovative solutions for all your Human Resource needs. Our employee outsourcing solutions reduce the burden associated with administrative tasks. We manage every aspect of the HR role, right from recruitment, to conducting interviews, appointments as well as HR management. Through our service, we allow you to focus on critical areas of your business and also relieve budget limitations. We understand that the success of any business is directly proportional to the quality of the employees hired within the organization. Every company has its requirements, and we offer tailor-made staffing solutions that meet the specific demands of the organization.

We manage every aspect of the HR role

Advantages of Outsourcing Staff?

  • With our staff outsourcing service, we eliminate your legal responsibility and dramatically reduce the administrative workload. It allows businesses to devote its resources to higher value business objectives.
  • We guarantee that all the staff deployed through us at Innovation SA are the best in the industry, delivering exceptional service.
  • Employees are assured of medical insurance, annual leave and compensation, all in accordance with the local standards.

What Are the Services We Provide?

Background Checks
Background Checks We conduct a thorough check on prospective candidates, including employment, criminal background, character and education among other factors.
Drafting Offer Letters
Drafting Offer Letters Once we have found the right candidate, we assist you in drafting an offer letter to send to the candidate.
Performance Evaluation
Performance Evaluation We have a certain mechanism in place to conduct performance evaluation tests. It helps us identify the performance of the candidates.
HR Management
HR Management At Innovation SA, we have developed a software that automates the payroll and HR management in a business, to streamline the payment process in an organization.
Termination We assist companies in dealing with the termination formalities of an employee within the organization.
Immigration Clearance
Immigration Clearance If the selected candidate is an expat, we also assist in the visa application process.

Client Testimonials

  • Rizvi

    “I would like to recommend Innovation-sa as experts in human resource management when it comes to outsourcing staff in Saudi Arabia. They have completely transformed the way our company functions in matters related to recruiting, staffing etc. Working with them has made us better.”

  • Rohit

    “As a start-up company, we had several vacancies to fill but were finding it hard to navigate all the procedures associated with it. Upon aligning ourselves with Innovation-sa, we were able to focus on other core business matters while they took care of the HR process. We currently have a great group of employees thanks to them”

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