Common Frauds In Saudi That Every Expat Should Know

By Innovation-SA on June 27, 2021 in Business

Visa for Saudi Arabia is highly in demand due to the increase in job opportunities available for foreigners. With strict restrictions and severe punishments, the government has a strong law and order structure in place. This has helped the country better control crimes and ensure smooth life for all the people living here. However, the advent of technologies, the internet and smartphones have not only increased connectivity but also provided a breeding ground for various cybercrimes and online frauds. Here is a brief about the common scams prevalent in Saudi that you should be aware of to be safe in the country.

Lottery Scam

This is a prevalent global online fraud that happens through mobile phones. The victims will receive an SMS or call stating they have won some random lottery. The scammers then try to gain the victim’s trust through various means, such as giving out their Sim serial number. After the victim is convinced, they will be asked to provide recharge codes to help the scammers access the victim’s phone data automatically.

International Frauds

Online shoppers often fall prey to these scams that involve an advertisement of any product or service for sale. On contacting them, the scammers will claim to be located in some international area and ask the victim to make payments to get the product delivered. If you make the payment and purchase from these random sites, you will be left with no choice for refunds if the products are not delivered.

Family Visa Scam

Being a common demand for many expats in the country, people often get easily trapped with these offers. The scammers try to lure victims by claiming they have contacts with the regulatory authorities in Saudi and can help them get family visas. They demand money beforehand and claim to process your application after making the payment.

Fake Rental

Taking advantage of the increasing demand for housing by various expats, the scammer put up fake rental ads. They ask for a security deposit through an online transfer to let you visit the house. After the victim transfer the money, the scammers will provide no services further.

Fraud Emails

These scams revolve around a more emotional note, where the email will state people need someone to help them cash money orders. You will be asked to help them get the money by cashing the checks. Using fake money orders, the scammers lure money from the victims.

Various precautions such as not making any advance payments, avoiding uncertified websites, refraining from disclosing your personal details, and more can help you be safe.