Factors That Influence Office Space Planning and Design

By Innovation-sa on April 25, 2021 in Blog

Choosing an office space requires much research and strategic planning to ensure that it fulfills all the business needs and improves work productivity To choose the right office space in Al Khobar, you need to consider the requirements of the organization and staff along with other business specifications. Selecting a suitable office space will make the efforts cost-effective and highly productive for faster business growth. The following factors can help in determining the best workplace ideal for your business:

Functional Factors

The companies operations and the concerned staff play a key role in ensuring the smooth execution of business activities. It is important to have a workspace that’s conducive and supportive of these factors. Analyze your daily business activities and accordingly devise the space and area requirements. You need to carefully determine the workspace layout you need based on your working area needs, storage, equipment positions, and more. It is also essential to have a spacious workspace that can eventually support business and office expansion and reorganization. The workspace needs to have certain common spaces like conference rooms, cafeteria, and reception.

Technical Factors

The existing safety conditions of the building are a prominent factor that ensures long-term protection and security to the staff and visitors. The layout design and workspace setup should be ergonomic to satisfy daily functional requirements without compromising safety properly. Also, the office space should also be compliant with essential life safety requirements to assist the legal authorities in case of an emergency. This technical safety support includes proper emergency exits, lift systems, fire alarm, flame-resistant furnishing, sufficient passage, among others. Ensuring the cabling and location of wiring are efficient at a safer space from the floors. The power connections and data outlets should be strategically placed to ensure the uninterrupted and smooth functioning of all staff members. In the case of the future addition to your company equipment or machines, the facility should easily accommodate it without any hassle.

Financial Factors

The feasibility and affordability of the office space play a major role in the case of small businesses or start-ups. The budget or investment limit of the company will provide an overview of the price range of office space to look for. Although you must not constraint much while investing in a workspace, you should also avoid unnecessary design expenses. It is important to properly anticipate the actual usable space required for your business to prevent unwanted capital expenditure. The cost of office spaces may depend on demographic and geographic factors such as prime location, transportation ease, and more, which need to be considered before investing.