By Innovation-sa on July 9, 2019 in News

Saudi Arabia’s Human Rights Commission (HRC) said that children of Saudi women married to non-Saudi men have same rights to residency, work, education and medical treatment as children born to Saudi mother and father.


According to the commission, children of Saudi mothers and foreign fathers who live in the Kingdom have the right to be issued a permanent iqama (residence permit) and mothers can recruit them to the Kingdom if they are living outside. In such cases, the issuance and renewal of residence permits will be funded by the government.


These children will be treated as full-fledged Saudi citizens and can work in the private sector without transferring their iqama. Private companies will include them under the Saudi citizen category as well. However, they should possess ID cards to prove their credentials.


A Saudi wife can bring her non-Saudi husband living abroad to the Kingdom and can transfer his iqama on her if he wishes to do so. He will also possess the right to work for private establishments without transferring his iqama to the company. However, the husband should be able to produce a valid passport recognized by Saudi authorities and legal marriage documents to exercise these privileges.



Saudi Gazette – 25 June 2019