By Innovation-sa on June 27, 2019 in News

Ahead of the annual Hajj Pilgrimage, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced that expatriates, including those arriving via Haramain Train, will be banned from entering Makkah from Shawaal 25 until Dhul Hijjah 10. Expatriates arriving at the gateways of Makkah by any means of transport – cars, buses or trucks – will be banned from entering the holy city during these days.


However, expatriates who are living in the region or are working there during the Hajj season can enter the holy city but must obtain necessary travel permits from the pertinent authorities. The measure comes in line with the royal order banning expatriates from entering the holy city of Makkah from Shawwal 25 every year except individuals living in the region or working there during the season.


Also, the Ministry has announced that electronic issuance of Umrah visas was stopped on June 17, and pilgrims who were issued visas before June 17 would be allowed to enter the Kingdom until July 2.


Saudi Gazette –